wildest dreams

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It was just another day at the office for New Yorker Michael. Sitting at his desk in his suit and tie, dreaming of the weekend. He starts feeling a funny tightness in his chest, what the hell? Michael has always been a pretty boy, with not much facial hair, and nice bone structure. He loved his tailored suits and silk ties.

Even so, he’d never really thought about what it would be like to actually live in a woman’s body. He feels breasts growing on his chest, his ass becoming rounder in his tight pants. Michael unbuttons his shirt to reveal big, round boobs. He can’t believe it, and rushes out of the office to go home.

Michael wakes up the next morning, convincing himself that this woman thing was just a bad dream. When….oh my god, he feels his body all over and notices that even more changes have taken place. He’s a chick now!

He reaches down to check on his cock – and it isn’t there! Instead, it’s been replaced by the sweetest little pink pussy he’s ever seen. Michael realizes that he’s going to have to call in sick to work just to test out this wet pussy before he sees a doctor. Just because, ya know, how many times do you get to play with a hot pussy as much as you want? He fingers himself and starts having very dirty thoughts.
Fingers feel so fucking good, what would a cock feel like? Michael thinks about his neighbor next door. Man, I wonder if he’d come over and give that cock to me? Michael masturbates furiously, enjoying his new body. He thinks he may never want to go back to his old body.