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You’ve come to your therapist troubled by a memory from your past. It seems that one night, you had to move around your mother in the hallway and she cupped your penis and squeezed. Later that night, she sat close to you on the couch while watching tv, and touched your leg. You’re disturbed by the memory, and mention that you’ve never had a girlfriend your own age, only dating women 25-30 years older.

After the touching incident, you couldn’t get her out of your mind. You find yourself rifling through her dresser drawers, imagining what her panties and nylon pantyhose look like on her naked body. You put on a pair of her pantyhose and feel so close to her. You tell your therapist that you believe your mother had a big role in making you the “sissy” you are today – how you wear pantyhose under your work clothes every day.

The therapist tells you that perhaps you wanted the encounter with your mother to happen all along. You wanted your mother to touch you. You wanted her, a lonely divorcee, you wanted to violate her like the sick pervert you are.